Thursday, January 21, 2021   

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The Road to “All Muslims are Terrorists”
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Aside from the fact that real democracies don’t persecute their minorities, Jews are reminded in many pieces of scripture to never forget when we were “strangers in a strange land” (see the book of Exodus). Maybe this is one reason why Muslim-bashing ticks me off so much.

Terrorists Not Muslim?…Then “Police Blotter Bob” Doesn’t Care
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I mean, what a perfect, mouthwatering scenario for Spencer: Muslim terrorists attack the capital of Catholic Christianity! Why, I bet his keyboard was soaked with his saliva!

Greece hit by a wave of mail bombs; what if they were Muslim
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The Western world was recently rocked by a coordinated mail bomb attack. The targets were government officials, apparently in an attempt to terrorize citizens into giving in to some political agenda. A textbook case of terrorism, no?