Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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The New York Times rejects anti-Muslim Advertisement
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The Times rejected the ad, which urges Muslims “to quit Islam,” because “the fallout from running this ad now could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger,” Geller told The Daily Caller. The ad, a product of Geller and Spencer’s new group “Stop Islamization Of Nations” (SION), can be viewed after the jump.

Eboo Patel: Newt Gingrich: A Catholic Running Against Islam?
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Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and high-profile conservative intellectual, announced yesterday that he is officially in the running for the Republican nomination for president. Along the way he’s been playing the politics of religion.

When America feared and reviled Catholics
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The mind-set is all too familiar: A radical religious group, lurking inside the country, owing loyalty to a foreign power, threatens America. No one denies that its members have a right to worship as they please, but good Americans, patriots, feel compelled to call for curbs against the menace they present.

Rev. Chloe Breyer: The Faithful Search: A Civics Primer for Real Patriots
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A good civics primer with its smattering of US history would show us, for example, that twenty-first-century American fears of Islam echo nineteenth-century fears of Roman Catholicism: “I do believe everybody has a right to freedom of religion, but Islam is not about a religion.