Saturday, December 5, 2020   

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Is it True That Muslims Are Killing 100,000 Christians Every Year?
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The discrimination and in some cases persecution of any religious group is no doubt an affront to Islam but many Christian websites and Islamophobic groups are guilty of ratcheting up hostility and fears of Islam and Muslims with dubious stats that not only don’t tell the whole story but skew reality.

Loon “Flog a Quran Day” was a Bust
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Yesterday was the big day when Zombie Muhammad was expected to flog a Qur’an with a cat ‘o nine tails at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Judging by the nonexistent press coverage, even in the local paper, the event was a bust, if it happened at all.

Pakistani mullah ‘planted charred texts’ on girl accused of blasphemy
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Chishti is in custody now, pending investigation on charges that he planted charred pages on the young girl. This gives the story an added twist of depravity, what kind of adult would do something so cynical, so base? I hope he is also charged for inciting violence.

Bishop against Greek parliament’s mosque building bill
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According to the Greek press, Greek Orthodox Bishop Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus appealed to the Council of State to withdraw a Greek bill that would allow the building of a mosque in the capital city, Athens.

Tales of Terror Don’t Jibe
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Forrest Gump of the Middle East is the questionable keynote speaker today at the Independence mayor’s prayer breakfast. Wherever Islamic terrorism reigned, the now-Christian Kamal Saleem claims to have been there, waging jihad on Israel, the Soviets, and later, America.

Mark Chancey: Islam Resolution Reflects Frightening Agenda
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While its final lines sound reasonable – “reject future prejudicial Social Studies submissions” that have “significant inequalities of coverage space-wise” or that reflect bias “by demonizing or lionizing” one religion over others – the rest of it is clearly not about fairness.