Monday, March 8, 2021   

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Swedish Defence League leader jailed
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The anti-fascist publication Expo has reported that Kamil Ryba, head of the EDL’s sister organisation the Swedish Defence League, has been sentenced to six months in prison for threatening the staff at GT, the Göteborg edition of the Swedish daily Expressen.

National Front planning to protest ‘once a month’ at proposed Sunderland mosque
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The right wing group demonstrated against the building of a mosque in St Mark’s Road in Sunderland on Saturday, August 11. Police were forced to separate the protesters and anti-fascist groups as tensions heightened in front of worried residents.

Protesters show racists who’s boss
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Thousands marched in London on Saturday in a mass demonstration of solidarity against the rise of racism.

Protesters from all over the country marched to Parliament holding banners that read: “No to racism, fascism and Islamophobia” and chanting: “There are more of us than you.”

Soccer hooligans at Ground Zero
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Among the non-New Yorkers who traveled to Lower Manhattan on Saturday to protest the neighborhood’s decision to allow an Islamic community center to be built were seven men who came from England bearing flags with slogans and the cross of St. George — a symbol of their nation and of the Crusades.