Thursday, August 6, 2020   

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Norton, Ohio: Muslim police officer files religious discrimination lawsuit
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Fired Norton police officer Nicholas Matheny has filed a federal lawsuit, contending city officials discriminated against him and violated his civil rights by terminating him because of his Muslim faith.

Should Canada ban Islamic face veils?
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France’s ban on Islamic face veils came into force today, and already, at least two veiled women have reportedly been detained for protesting the new law. The ban, which carries a fine of 150 euros ($207), has reignited the debate over where to draw the line between protecting a nation’s values and ensuring individuals’ freedom of expression.

Warsi’s voter fraud claims ‘fuel Islamophobia’
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Baroness Warsi was accused of fuelling Islamophobia after she claimed electoral fraud in Asian communities had cost the Conservatives at least three seats in the general election. Khalid Mahmood said he did not believe it was possible to commit fraud on such a scale in Westminster elections and he challenged her to produce the evidence…

Mark Morford: Damn You Muslims, Get Off My Lawn
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This much we know: America needs its demons. We need our enemies, our menacing and dark-eyed nemesis, that foreign and terrifying thing we do not understand and against which we must rally and wail, push and pule, fight and destroy.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen: How To Protect Our Muslim Neighbors
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An elementary school full of American children, daily locked into their building from the outside because of threats from terrorists to “burn the school down with all the children inside it”: a terrifying scenario — every parent’s nightmare — and one that is frighteningly real for a Minnesota school.

Roger Friedland: Why Do We Hate Them Now? Anti-Islamic Feelings Nine Years After 9/11
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(I was asked this by a Brazilian journalist, Manuela Franceschini, who writes for Veja, a Brazilian magazine. I have been working on politicized religion for many years. This is how I answered her.)