Thursday, September 24, 2020   

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Pamela Geller’s Followers Go Nuts (Or Are Nuts, or Something)
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Please, nutty people, leave my e-mail inbox alone! I’ve been flooded with mail from defenders of Pamela Geller, the shrieking bigot who thinks all Muslims are evil, that Muslims live under her bed, that Muslims short-sheeted her bed at summer camp, and so on.

Peter King and “Prislam”: Round 2 of Muslim American Radicalization Hearings
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Rep. Peter King held his second round of Homeland Security subcommittee hearings on the radicalization of Muslim Americans.

Pastor who gave controversial Senate prayer bought anti-Muslim ads
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There is no problem with anyone calling to their Faith, or trying to win converts, that is part of Freedom of Religion. Unfortunately both Rep. Arlon Linder and Pastor Campbell have crossed the boundaries of interfaith harmony and peace in to the territory of bigotry.

Anti-Loons of the Year: 2010
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We reviewed the Year in Islamophobia, and it was a crazy year. However, we noted that at the end of the day there was “hope.” There were those willing to stand up, take a stand firmly against hate directed towards Muslims and Islam. Here we recount some of the best anti-loons of 2010. There are many more whom we may have omitted and who deserve equal attention and recognition.

Bob McCarthy Wants to Rip Out Muslim Bodies from Cemetery
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The latest manifestation of Islamophobia to get some media attention has been the attempt by paranoid Islamophobes to have a Muslim community remove the body of their deceased ones from a cemetery that they own.

Asma Uddin: Seeing the ‘Other’ as American: Moving Past Islamophobia
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Writers, philosophers, professors, and politicians have referred to the United States of America as “a nation founded by immigrants.” This fact can hardly be refuted — especially considering the existence of the term “Native American.” America has dealt with the question and issues resulting from immigration since its birth in the 18th century.