Monday, April 12, 2021   

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AP Covers Militant Sri Lankan Buddhists
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International media’s attention has largely been on Myanmar‘s extremist Buddhist movement but Sri Lanka has an equally chauvinistic and extremist movement (Bodu Bela Sena) which has escalated activities over the past several years.

Michigan Jews, Muslims volunteering on Christmas
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About 1,000 Jewish volunteers from several congregations are expected to join local Muslims Wednesday for Mitzvah Day, the largest single day of volunteering by the local Jewish community. The Michigan Muslim Community Council is coordinating volunteers from its communities.

US Air Force veteran, finally allowed to fly into US, is now banned from flying back home
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In early November, I wrote about the infuriating story of Saadiq Long, the 43-year-old African-American Muslim who – despite having never been charged with any crime – was secretly placed on a no-fly list and thus barred from flying to the US to visit his seriously ill mother.

Op-Ed: Taboo Words Serve An Important Purpose
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In an effort to be more precise, accurate and neutral, the Associated Press decided to remove several words, including “Islamophobia” and “homophobia”, from the 2013 edition of the AP Stylebook. Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page calls the move “a linguistic blow for blandness.”

Exclusive: LoonWatch Interview with Haroon Moghul
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We touched upon Moghul’s: loss and return to faith in God, the place of doubt in Islam, literature, what exactly is a “Muslim reformer,” the phenomenon of “ex-Muslims and ex-terrorists” in relation to Islamophobia, Jesus and carpet bombing, a possible shisha pow-wow with Kamal Saleem, the Arab uprisings, Saudi Arabia, etc…

Gov. Haslam rebukes critics of Muslim aide
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By ERIK SCHELZIG, Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam on Tuesday issued his strongest defense yet of a Muslim aide who has been criticized for once working in the field of Shariah compliant finance.

New York Post, Daily News Defend NYPD’s Surveillance Of Muslims As New York Times Remains Silent
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NEW YORK — Bob McManus, editorial page editor of the New York Post, blastedthe Associated Press on Tuesday, suggesting that the news organization cares more about winning a Pulitzer Prize than the threat of terrorism.

NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast
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The New York Police Department monitored Muslim college students far more broadly than previously known, at schools far beyond the city limits, including the elite Ivy League colleges of Yale and the University of Pennsylvania, The Associated Press has learned.

With CIA help, NYPD built secret effort to monitor mosques, daily life of Muslim neighborhoods
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The operations have benefited from unprecedented help from the CIA, a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying.