Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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On the “Arab Spring”: Thinking Beyond the Moment (III)
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It is obvious that a wind of change has blown across the Arab world, for the good: the toppling of tyrants, the drafting of a new constitution in Tunisia, the emergence of civil society, not always powerful, but which cannot be ignored.

On the “Arab Spring”: Thinking Beyond the Moment (p.II)
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Disconnected commentators tend to associate all the problems in the Arab world with Islam, whether in order to explain the lack of democracy, overall poor economic performance, or even the complex status of women’s rights, always promptly manipulated by Islamophobes.

On the “Arab Spring”: Thinking Beyond the Moment (I)
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More than three years ago the Arab world was plunged into turmoil by Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation. The flames from Bouazizi’s act of despair set the region ablaze in revolt; a signal for Tunisians and Arabs in general to take to the streets and let their voices be heard.

Exclusive: LoonWatch Interview with Haroon Moghul
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We touched upon Moghul’s: loss and return to faith in God, the place of doubt in Islam, literature, what exactly is a “Muslim reformer,” the phenomenon of “ex-Muslims and ex-terrorists” in relation to Islamophobia, Jesus and carpet bombing, a possible shisha pow-wow with Kamal Saleem, the Arab uprisings, Saudi Arabia, etc…

Radical Extremist Christian Politician Allen West on Egypt: “Radical Islamic Nightmare”
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When a radical, extremist Christian politician such as Rep. Allen West discusses any matters related to Islam we can’t help but laugh because West stands convicted, first and foremost of those allegations with which he would like to tar Islam and Muslims.