Saturday, October 31, 2020   

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Idaho: Muslim women told ‘get out of his country, you don’t belong, terrorists’
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LocalNews8 CHUBBUCK, Idaho – Local leaders in the Muslim community are urging two women to pursue charges against a man who verbally assaulted them at Wal Mart on Sunday. But, investigators are not considering this to be a hate crime, […]

Pregnant woman attacked by jogger apparently because she was wearing hijab
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Toronto police say a male suspect allegedly hit and harassed a pregnant woman on the street because she was wearing a hijab. Police allege a jogger went out of his way to strike the woman in two separate incidents during the last month on Yonge Street near Eglington Avenue.

Baltimore: Ex-Israeli Special Forces Vigilante Assaults Teenager
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What if he were Muslim? Imagine if instead of the Israeli Special Forces he had been part of the Turkish Special Forces or Saudi Special Forces? Think of the horror that the right-wing would respond with if there were a Muslim patrol group?

When Islamophobia Isn’t Funny
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We have had commenters, usually from Jihad Watch and other hate sites who come on here and minimize Islamophobia and in fact deny that it even exists. We usually have fun with such commenters and their ideologies, satirizing or poking fun at the truly wide-eyed conspiratorial and selective arguments they and their heroes peddle.