Sunday, January 24, 2021   

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Student pleads guilty in NYC cabbie attack
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NEW YORK (AP) – A film student has pleaded guilty to hate-crime charges in what authorities called an anti-Muslim attack on a New York City cab driver in 2010. Michael Enright entered the plea Tuesday in state court in Manhattan. He is expected to be sentenced to 9 ½ years in prison.

Ian Brazier Admits Ripping Muslim Woman’s Veil Off in Attack, Blames it on Marijuana
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Farhana Chughtai said she was left humiliated when Ian Brazier pulled off her niqab as she walked with her family through Solihull’s Touchwood shopping center.

Haaretz: Mubarak’s Departure Thwarted Israeli Strike on Iran
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Most Israelis were either born or immigrated to this country during the period in which Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt. This is the reality they know. And this is the significance of the stability that Mubarak provided them with.

Muslims and Christians Gather together in Iraq
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We need to see more of this. There are people everyday fighting against extremism.

Muslims and Christians hold their respective holy scriptures at a gathering to support peace amongst the various confessions in Iraq.

Robert Spencer: Was the Cabbie Attack Faked?
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There was just one problem with all this: the attacker was a Leftist employee of an organization that has gone on record as favoring the mosque. So whatever may have been his motivation in attacking this cab driver, one thing that almost certainly wasn’t motivating him was rage over the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero.

Spate of Islamophobic Gang Attacks on Elderly Muslims of London
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We usually like to keep our tone of voice on this site cheeky and lighthearted, mostly because the zany antics of the Islamophobic loonies are, quite frankly, amusing. But there is nothing funny about the very real consequences that occur due to the environment of xenophobia that they seek to engender.