Monday, September 21, 2020   

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Islamophobes Try to Spin Anwar Al-Awlaki Speech at Convention in 2001 into Guilt by Association Smear of ISNA
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Pajama’s Media, founded and funded by billionaire Aubrey Chernick, (who according to the Center for American Progress’ Fear, inc. report is one of the biggest donors to the Islamophobia Movement) recently posted a 20 minute video from September 1, 2001 […]

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer Now Featured Writer at PJ Media: The Backstory
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When I worked for PJ Media several years back, anti-Muslim hateblogger Robert Spencer used to frequently email me, begging to be included in PJ Media’s advertising program and have his articles published at the site.

LW Exclusive: Shocking Video of Geert Wilders Hate Speech on US Soil
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The Southern United States and the Midwest have been ravaged by violent forces of nature in the past few weeks; massive flooding has threatened to erase whole communities from Tennessee to Alabama, and over the past few days behemoth-like tornadoes, whipping in fury and frenzy swallowed and spit out whole towns.