Tuesday, May 26, 2020   

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Orientalist Feminism Rears its Head in India
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Protests following the brutal rape and murder of a young Indian woman have spread to beyond India to other countries in the region, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

President Barack Obama Eases Sanctions on Burma Even as Violent Onslaught Against Rohingya Muslims Continues
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President Barack Obama’s administration has moved to further ease sanctions on the Burmese government, easing a ban on imports.

Bangladesh: Ancient Mosque, Possibly From the 7th Century Unearthed
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A very interesting story out of Bangladesh about the possible unearthing of an ancient mosque from northern Bangladesh. This is an interesting find and a story that also reveals a lot about the state of how antiquities and archeology into early Islamic history is treated by some governments.

Islamic gathering seeking peace ends in Bangladesh with mass prayer
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TONGI, Bangladesh — Tens of thousands of Muslims seeking peace and the revival of Islam’s tenets joined a mass prayer Sunday to wrap up an annual three-day Islamic congregation outside the Bangladeshi capital.