Wednesday, February 26, 2020   

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Wingnut Islamophobes Create Another Hoax Story: Muslims Rape Horse
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Islamophobic sites like IslamVersusEurope, BaredNakedIslam and Vivienco, have been posting and regurgitating a story claiming that a 53-year-old ‘Muslim’ inhabitant of El Ejido abused, and raped a female horse (click on the names for their articles).

The United States of America Defence League: “The Crusade Begins”
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Shouldn’t the United States of America Defence League (USADL for short) spell “defence” with an “s” as in “defense”? Just saying, it doesn’t seem very, as George W. Bush would say, ‘Merican to spell it with a “c.”

Toulouse: School tagged with anti-Arab graffiti
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Via La Dépêche (French):

A high-school in Toulous was tagged with racist and anti-Arab graffiti: “Arabs out of France”, “Arabs get lost” “Islam get out” (the latter in English) as well as Nazi symbols.

Anti-Muslim Bigot Robert Spencer Comes to the Defense of Genocidal Site “BareNakedIslam”
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Extremist far right anti-Muslim, MEK-Terror linked, Terrorist Inspirer, and conservative Catholic apologist Robert Spencer’s bigotry and hatred for Islam and Muslims is evident to most rational individuals.