Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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‘No Trojan Horse extremism links’ Birmingham teachers hear
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By Phil Mackie BBC News

But they have found “significant grievances” about governance and leadership, some on a large scale.Officials were secretly recorded at a meeting with governors and teachers on Wednesday and a copy sent to the BBC.

BNP’s proposed election broadcast features vile anti-Muslim animation
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Vile cartoons of Muslims swilling alcopops and chasing pre-pubescent girls, as well as graphic depictions of Lee Rigby’s murderer, could be broadcast on the BBC and ITV this week, submitted as the BNP’s official party election broadcast.

Police find no evidence of criminality by Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman
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Lutfur Rahman, elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, east London, was accused by the BBC’s Panorama of more than doubling public funding to Bangladeshi and Somali groups from £1.5m to £3.6m in the face of recommendations from council officers. He denied the allegations, saying they had been motivated by racism and Islamophobia.

Is it True That Muslims Are Killing 100,000 Christians Every Year?
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The discrimination and in some cases persecution of any religious group is no doubt an affront to Islam but many Christian websites and Islamophobic groups are guilty of ratcheting up hostility and fears of Islam and Muslims with dubious stats that not only don’t tell the whole story but skew reality.

EDL’s Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer, Quilliam and the BBC
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Regular readers will be aware that the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary has banned the American anti-Muslim propagandists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the UK. Spencer and Geller had intended to speak at the English Defence League’s demonstration in London on 29 June 2013.

Bristol Muslims ‘facing job discrimination’
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BBC News

Two undercover white reporters, one a Muslim in traditional dress, traveled across the city to inquire about 40 jobs being advertised in shop windows.

Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Extremists Threaten BBC and Muslim Journalists
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Feb 18, Colombo: BBC Sri Lanka Correspondent Charles Haviland said that he and his crew were threatened while they were filming a rally of Sinhala Buddhist extremist organization Bodu Bala Sena yesterday at Maharagama.

Graffiti and ‘ham cross’ outside Muslim home in Bingham
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Offensive graffiti attacking Allah and Islam has been painted outside a Muslim family’s home weeks after a cross wrapped in ham was left by their door. The 31-year-old mother and two sons, eight and 10, say they have suffered five or six racist incidents since they moved to Bingham, Notts, in October.

US synagogue welcomes Muslims seeking a place to pray
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Muslims around the world are gathering for Friday prayers, and in one neighbourhood in the US state of Virginia, the worshippers will enter a building that could hardly be further from a traditional mosque.

Muslim homes razed in Burma’s Rakhine state – report
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A team from the UK’s Channel 4 News gained access to Sittwe, which has been off limits to reporters for months. They filmed an area once home to 10,000 that had been reduced to rubble.