Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Iran: A Setback for Warmongers
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For years, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a key propaganda asset for warmongers pushing for the US to invade Iran. Ahmadinejad could be counted on to make incendiary remarks that sparked widespread outrage in the West, and when what he actually said wasn’t radical or ridiculous enough, it could always be embellished, distorted, and amplified…

Gate of the Sun: Where Islamophobia meets “Ziojuana”
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What does the conflict between Israel and Palestine have to do with Islamophobia? The fact that 1.) Foundations based in the United States are major backers of the Islamophobia Movement at home while at the same time being huge supporters of Israeli Settlements.

Uri Avnery: Welcome, Chuck
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I FIND Chuck Hagel eminently likeable. I am not quite certain why. Perhaps it’s his war record. He was decorated for valor in the Vietnam War (which I detested). He was a mere sergeant. Since I was a mere corporal in our 1948 war, I find it elating to see a non-commissioned officer become Minister of Defense.

Netanyahu’s Christmas message: More anti-Muslim public diplomacy
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Every year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publishes a Christmas message for Christians in Israel and abroad. One of the message’s objectives is hasbara, or public diplomacy, to the Christians of the world. But this year’s greeting was especially political.

Netanyahu’s son Creates Facebook Ruckus With Arab, Muslim Posts
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Earlier this year, Yair Netanyahu posted that Muslims “celebrate hate and death,” the Haaretz daily reported. After Palestinian assailants entered a West Bank settlement and stabbed five members of an Israeli family to death, he wrote that “terror has a religion and it is Islam.”

Arsonists Vandalize West Bank Mosque
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Arsonists suspected of being radical Israeli settlers damaged part of a Palestinian mosque early on Monday in a village near the West Bank city of Hebron, setting fire to rugs and copies of the Koran and scrawling the word “revenge” in Hebrew on a wall, police officials and witnesses said.