Saturday, March 6, 2021   

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O’Reilly Factor: Jesse “Dirty” Watters vs. Muslims
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One of the more ridiculous outcomes of Watters’ jaunt into Muslimville, USA was the conversation O’Reilly and Watters had afterwards in which they claimed that all terrorists (or most) today are Muslims and Christians never commit acts of terror.

Bill O’Reilly Gives Voice to Fanatic EDL
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It is redundant to point out that Fox News has essentially adopted Islamophobia as a cornerstone theme that it seeks to widely disseminate into mainstream American culture. What is different is that the propagandizing of Islamophobia has only accelerated since the Boston Bombings and has reached levels that are reminiscent to the worst of post-9/11 coverage on Islam.

ADVANCE EXCERPT: Upcoming Ailes Biography Reveals Fox’s Islamophobia Goes Straight To The Top
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In an upcoming biography of Fox News president Roger Ailes, author Zev Chafets reports that Ailes hasn’t donated to any Muslim charities, and connects that decision to comments tying all Muslim charities to terrorism.

Dennis Miller Says He Fantasized About Attacking A Muslim Man On His Plane
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By Zaid Jilani

On Wednesday night, comedian and right-wing pundit Dennis Miller appeared on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor to talk about various political issues.

Congressman Mike Quigley’s Remark About Rising Islamophobia Stirs the Blogosphere
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Many in the Right-Wing took exception to this with Quigley being castigated as a dhimmi-leftist pandering to “the Mooslims” about a fictional “rise in Islamophobia.”

Bill O’Reilly Pins the Head of SJC Councilman Derek Reeve for Naming Family Dog Muhammad
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“Why offend Muslims if you don’t have to?” O’Reilly reasoned. “You want to teach your kids about intolerance, there are plenty of other ways to do it.”

Daily Show with Jon Stewart: In the Name of the Fodder
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The Daily Show

The Fox rapid-response team makes a plea to distinguish violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners and tenets of that religion as long as it’s Christianity.

Glenn Beck To O’Reilly: Egypt Uprising Led By Communists, Jihadists
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Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly clashed over history, American hegemony and the Egypt uprisings on O’Reilly’s Monday show. Both agreed that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is a “bad guy” who the U.S. is “in bed with.” But that was about the only thing the two agreed on.

John L. Esposito: Why Do Media Commentators Get It So Wrong on Islam? And What Is the Cost?
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Beck is too smart to be that stupid! But, of course, he’s smart enough to know he’ll get lots of attention from his media and internet following.

Whoopi Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly Mix it up Again
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Whoopi Goldberg could use some Loonwatch help in eviscerating Bill O’Reilly but over all she was able to handle his attacks and stand her ground, even though he wouldn’t let her talk.