Friday, October 23, 2020   

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How Hollywood cloaked South Sudan in celebrity and fell for the ‘big lie’
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By Daniel Howden, (The Guardian)

When violence erupted two weeks ago in the world’s youngest country, one of the first voices to speak out, before the US president or the head of the United Nations, was that of the Hollywood actor George Clooney.

Franklin Graham Calls Obama’s Religious Beliefs Into Question
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“All I know is under Obama, President Obama, the Muslims of the world, he seems to be more concerned about them than the Christians that are being murdered in the Muslim countries,” he said.

Superstar Muslim preacher Amr Khaled battles al-Qaeda
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President Ali Abdullah Saleh does not give many interviews at the moment. The man who has governed Yemen for 32 years is fed up with the press characterising the country as a “cradle of terrorism”.

Most Religious Leaders (except Franklin Graham) Support Park 51 Mosque
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TIME conducted interviews with eight prominent, diverse religious voices in the U.S. on the subject of the so-called Ground Zero mosque and community center in New York City.

When will those brave critics of Islam decry this mob hate?
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As anti-Muslim hysteria in the US reaches a peak, its intellectual accomplices should start to reconsider their actions. Pankaj Mishra argues that Islamophobes among the intelligentsia, including “professional former Muslims” like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have helped create the conditions for the current wave of “mass anti-Muslim hysteria” in the US.

Islamophobia in America
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A new poll from TIME finds that 46% of Americans believe Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence against nonbelievers. More head scratching, the same poll found that 24% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, which is actually an increase from his election year 2008.