Wednesday, January 27, 2021   

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FBI: Neo-Nazi amassed 40,000 rounds, 18 weapons in plot to kill black and Jewish leaders
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Look, the FBI found somebody that they didn’t have to give weapons to but was actually amassing weapons by himself, in order to kill Blacks, Jews and others.

Ann Coulter: America Doesn’t Have A Gun Problem, But A Blacks And Muslims Problem
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Ann Coulter last night on Fox News‘ “Hannity” suggested America doesn’t have a gun problem, but a problem with Blacks and Muslims.

Racists vandalise Virginia mosque
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The report states: “We cannot show the vandalism in its entirety because the images were very vulgar. It appeared to be male genitalia and was spray painted as well as racial slurs against blacks, and vulgar references to Iraqis.”Original post: Racists vandalise Virginia mosque

Max Blumenthal: Anti-Muslim hate rally summons the ghosts of Jim Crow
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Billed as a “Patriotic Rally,” the anti-Muslim demonstration was organized by official hate group leader Pam Geller, Tea Party outfits including the North Orange County Conservative Coalition and We Surround Them OC 912; and Rabbi David Eliezrie of the Yorba Linda chapter of Chabad-Lubavitch, a messianic Orthodox Jewish group.

Anam Ghias: ‘Islamophobia’ gaining notoriety with recent controversies
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Not long ago, Raheel Ramadan and his wife, Sara Meghani, both UH alumni, entered La Madeleine intending to enjoy a pleasant lunch. What began as a typical day soon turned into a nightmare experienced by many American Muslims

Harvard faces protests over honour for Martin Peretz
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Harvard academics and students are demanding that the university rescind a plan to honour the editor-in-chief of a leading Washington political magazine this week after he wrote that Muslims are unfit for the protections of the US constitution and said that “Muslim life is cheap”.

New Republic editor defends his claim that ‘Muslim life is cheap’
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“[A]t some point,” Kristof added on his Times blog, “criticisms morph into racist stereotypes and slurs, and the suggestion that Muslims don’t value human life and maybe don’t deserve First Amendment protections is just that, a slur. It should be offensive to all of us.”