Wednesday, July 24, 2019   

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‘Bag Men’ Sue New York Post Over Boston Marathon Bombing Cover
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Days after bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line, the New York Post splashed a photograph of 16-year-old Salaheddin Barhoum and 24-year old Yassine Zaimi across its cover under the headline “BAG MEN: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.”

The right’s new Boston conspiracy theory
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Were you one of the pundits or newspapers who too quickly jumped on the Saudi “person of interest” story, only to have some egg on your face when authorities later cleared him of wrongdoing? Well, thankfully, Fox News’ favorite “terrorism expert”Steve Emerson has found an escape clause.

Boston Marathon Bombings in Perspective: Is Dzhokhar the Joker All Al-Qaeda Has Left?
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Predictably, the Boston Marathon bombings have spawned a renewed interest in “jihadist” (why is this in quotes?) terrorist activity. We are once again reminded of the “looming threat of radical Islam.” We are told that this is the existential struggle of our generation.

“Please don’t let it be a Muslim”
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by Wajahat Ali

The twin bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon, which killed two and injured at least 176, inspired divergent responses to a sudden, senseless tragedy.

After Boston, we should put Muslims under surveillance, says Rep. King
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Aliyah Frumin (MSNBC)

President Obama cautioned the nation not to rush to judgment about the Boston Marathon bombers. But that’s not stopping Republican Rep. Peter King.

Referring to the Boston Bombing, Pat Robertson Declares: “Don’t Talk To Me About ‘Religion Of Peace,’ No Way”
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Right-wing Christian evangelist and famed Skeletor impersonator Pat Robertson is at it again, implying that the Boston Bombings were committed by Muslim terrorists. To be clear for the hundredth time, no one knows who committed this horrible act, or why.

American Muslims Condemn Boston Marathon Bombings
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By Townsquare News Network

American Muslim organizations are condemning the Boston Marathon bombings and urging Americans of all faiths to join them in praying for the victims and their families.

Fox regular jokes about killing all the Muslims
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Going beyond even Pamela Geller, Fox News regular Erik Rush responded to the Boston Marathon bombing today by suggesting that we round up Saudis and then kill them — but don’t worry, he was mostly joking.