Thursday, September 24, 2020   

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Police investigate far-right ‘invasions’ of Bradford and Glasgow mosques
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Helen Pidd, northern editor, and Declan Lloyd

Police in Bradford and Scotland have launched an investigation after a group of uniformed far-right activists visited mosques over the weekend.

Police seek racists who left pig heads in Bradford Muslim family garden
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A FAMILY has condemned the suspected racists who left pig heads in their garden in Bradford. Members of the Ditta family were sickened to discover the pig heads on their front and back doorstop at their home in the Bolton area of the city.

British Muslims Save Jewish Synagogue
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BRADFORD – Extending their hands to their Jewish neighbors to save their worship place, Muslims in the northern British city of Bradford are rallying efforts to raise funds for preserving the last remaining synagogue in the city.

The EDL and the Tea Party joining forces
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The implications of the EDL spreading its ideology into the Tea Party is a dangerous one for Muslim Americans because the EDL is a violent anti-Muslim organization that is well known for its violent and extreme protests in England. Of course, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer love these anti-Muslim hooligans.

Anti-Islam English Defense League Protesters Clash With Police In Bradford, UK
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A right-wing group that opposes what it calls the spread of Islam in Britain clashed with riot police in northern England on Saturday, throwing bottles, rocks and a smoke bomb at authorities.

Demos defends EDL’s right to march in Bradford, says it would help them ‘feel a sense of belonging to the society in which they live’
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It appears to have escaped the attention of Demos that the EDL have not been prevented from holding a protest in Bradford.