Sunday, April 18, 2021   

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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Takes on Islamophobia in UN Speech
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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is quite impressive, she is the leader of one the largest emerging economies and nations in the world, and her strong condemnation of Islamophobia in the West in her recent UN Speech has not gone unnoticed.

Forget Stealth: Bold, Brash Graffiti Jihad Comes to Boston
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There is probably a terrorist in your lunchbox right now. Seriously. Well, maybe not an actual terrorist, but a stealth jihad symbol or doohickey of some sort for sure. Trust me. They’re everywhere!

Robert Spencer Desperate to tie Brazilian Massacre to Islam
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Poof! He is therefore a Muslim!

Never mind the fact that the shooter himself made several videos before his diabolical act, andaccording to the Wall Street Journal (no friend of Islam), there is no indication that his actions were “jihad-related”: