Friday, July 3, 2020   

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British Muslims Save Jewish Synagogue
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BRADFORD – Extending their hands to their Jewish neighbors to save their worship place, Muslims in the northern British city of Bradford are rallying efforts to raise funds for preserving the last remaining synagogue in the city.

Muslim women’s group launches “Jihad against violence”
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Inspire’s campaign aims to combat all forms of violence but with an emphasis on crimes justified in the name of Islam.

A British Muslim women’s group has launched a “jihad against violence”, in a bid to reclaim the term jihad from extremists.

Jewish-British anti-Muslim event in Toronto draws protests, arrests
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Dozens of anti-racist activists demonstrated in front of a Zionist community center in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday to protest a public event organized by Jewish and British anti-Muslims. Four protestors were arrested in the fracas, and at least one police officer suffered a broken rib, according to The Globe and Mail.

‘Muslims tell British: go to hell’
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The report has produced the intended reaction, judging by the comments that follow it:

“Cultural enrichment … don’t you feel so much better for it ??”

“The bleeding heart liberals are the cause of all this.”

Seeing through the Veil
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As banning the burqa continues to be all the rage, with France & Belgium having already outlawed it, we ask the British public what they think. Should the burqa be banned in the interest of women’s emancipation, integration and national security?