Monday, February 17, 2020   

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Anti-Islamic mob of ‘football fans’ smashes windows of Plovdiv mosque
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Hurling paving stones, rocks and fireworks, a large mob of protesters – many of them from football fan clubs – smashed windows of Plovdiv’s historic Dzhumaya Mosque in the centre of Bulgaria’s second city.

Recent Attack Frets Bulgaria Muslims
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SOFIA – In an effort to protect the religious minority, Bulgaria’s police forces have stepped up security in streets nearby Sofia’s Banya Bashi mosque, after a young Muslim was brutally attacked near the landmark mosque. The decision came after anonymous men attacked a 28-year-old man of Turkish origin, beating him up in Sofia on Saturday.

Bulgarian Turkish Muslim Politician Ahmed Dogan Narrowly Escapes Assassination
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Anti-Muslim and anti-Turkish sentiment is rife in some quarters of Bulgarian society, specifically amongst neo-Fascists and Right-wingers such as Ataka and the VMRO who have protested and attacked Mosques and Muslims in the recent past.

Attacks on Bulgarian mosques: ‘This hatred is new to us’
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Violent ethnic riots swept Bulgaria weeks before this Sunday’s presidential elections, following the killing of a teenager by a man with links to a local Roma crime boss. Originally aimed at highlighting the alleged corruption of “Tsar” Kiril Rashkov, these demonstrations soon spread across the country, before ugly scenes developed.

In Europe, far right banks on Islamophobia
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Wilders’ Freedom Party this summer scored its best parliamentary election result, on the wings of a populist election campaign centered on stopping the “Islamization” of the Netherlands. It’s clear that the “new wind” Wilders foresees will blow first and foremost in the face of the country’s Muslims.