Friday, April 16, 2021   

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2010: The Year of Islamophobia
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2010 has been an unbelievable year! Can we say that we are happy that it is finally over? Only if that means that the wacky anti-Muslim Islamophobia that reached unprecedented and at times demented levels will recede. However, it doesn’t appear as though that will be happening any time soon.

Gingrich Calls For Federal Ban On Shariah Law In US
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“We should have a federal law that says sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States,” Gingrich said to a standing ovation from the audience. The law will let judges know, Gingrich said, that “no judge will remain in office that tried to use sharia law.”

Islam and the Media in the age of Islamophobiapalooza
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Does all this (un)wanted attention serve to bolster the perception of Muslims (as the saying goes, “any publicity is good publicity”) or does it present a scenario of helplessness in which ones faith is gawked and bawked at willy nilly by political opportunists and an overwhelmingly complicit uncritical media? Or both?

2 Tennessee Pastors Burn Korans
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The originator of the Burn a Koran day, Pastor Terry Jones based his vile act on Acts 19:19 which stated that the early Christians burned the books of some who practiced witch-craft. Terry Jones backed down from his threat to burn the Koran because he said he received a sign from God not to do it. However, some other ministers went ahead with it.