Monday, June 1, 2020   

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Quebecers campaign against Charter of Values
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A Montreal-based group is calling on all Canadians to join them on January 12th and 13th to protest against the Quebec government’s proposed Charter of Values for the province, urging Canadians to join them by wearing a hijab, turban, kippa or crucifix for a day.

Edmonton police approve hijab headscarf design for female officers
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By Stephanie Dubois

Edmonton police have approved a design for a hijab headscarf for female officers of Muslim faith. The hijab design covers the head and neck, but not the face, according to a press release issued Friday.

Quebec’s divisive secular charter draws the pushback it deserves
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Has it come to this? Municipal employees in upscale Hampstead, in Montreal, have never been known to wear their religious beliefs on their sleeves. But Mayor William Steinberg tells the Montreal Gazette that some want to start sporting banned religious symbols if Bill 60, Quebec’s odious charter of “state secularism,” becomes law.

Police arrest three men in suspected anti-Muslim hate crime in Kingston
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Police have arrested three men and are searching for a fourth after several Muslim students in Kingston, Ont., were attacked in what investigators are calling a hate crime.

Canadian anti-Muslim sentiment is rising, disturbing new poll reveals
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by John Geddes

In the early evening of Sept. 17, before dark, a 17-year-old girl strolled from the Al-Noor Mosque in St. Catharines, Ont., to the plaza across the street.

Quebec Muslims facing more abuse since charter proposal, women’s groups say
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Women’s groups are reporting a spike in verbal and physical assaults against veiled Muslim women in Quebec since the introduction of the province’s Charter of Values, evidence that the Parti Québécois’s bid to curb religious symbols in some workplaces is inflaming social tensions.

Quebec Muslim Badia Senouci told: ‘change your religion’
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Woman alleges she and family were verbally assaulted and spit on while shopping. A Muslim woman says she and her family were verbally assaulted, her son was spit on and they were told to “change your religion” while on a recent trip at a Quebec City shopping centre.

Vandals splatter mosque in Quebec’s Saguenay, region with possible pig blood
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The Canadian Press

CHICOUTIMI, Que. – Police in Quebec’s Saguenay region have been called in after a local mosque was vandalized over the weekend — splattered with what could be pig blood.

Pamela Geller exploits another tragedy to promote pathological anti-Muslim hatred
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by Sheila Musaji

Pamela Geller has posted Muslim “Youth” looting the dead at French Rail Crash.

Toronto: Pamela Geller Lies About York Regional Police
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While York Regional Police supports Ms. Geller’s right to free speech, there is an expectation of all members of our organization to act in accordance with our values and the expectations of our community.