Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Catholic campus houses Suffolk’s first Islamic school
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By BART JONES bart.jones@newsday.com

In classrooms where Catholic girls once studied the Bible and prayed the Our Father, young Muslims now study the Quran and pray in Arabic.

Hate Group Leader Cited By Terrorist to Headline Catholic Homeschool Conference
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During the last weekend in July, The Kolbe Academy, a Catholic homeschool program located in Napa, California will host a conference in Sacramento where educators and home school instructors will gather to discuss how they can “engage the culture in a year of faith.”

Exclusive: Reverend Deacon Robert Spencer of Our Lady of the Cedars Church
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by Garibaldi

For quite some time it has been known that Robert Spencer, according to his own testimony, is a Catholic of the Maronite Melkite tradition.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester cancels speech by anti-Muslim Bigot
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An invitation for Robert Spencer, a leader in the Islamophobia Movement to speak at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester has been rescinded according to the Boston Globe. It is a good sign that many are realizing that his hate has no place at a respectable institution.

Acid Attacks Rising in Colombia, What if they Were Muslim?
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Acid attacks have come to our attention mostly through news reports of such incidents in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Islamophobes and the like are all too happy to point to Islam as the cause of such incidents even though the motivations of such attacks have to do with issues completely unrelated to Islam.

Lydia McGrew: Real Danger of anti-Sharia Bills is that they Won’t Foster Negative Ideas of Muslims
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Anyhow, it is not surprising to then read an anti-Muslim diatribe from Lydia McGrew, where she essentially echoes the viewpoint of Daniel Pipes and his ilk who think the “enfranchisement” of Muslims must not be allowed–at any cost.

Islam and the Religious Demographic Shifts in the USA
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The Puritans, colonial settlers in New England were originally Protestants from Great Britain, they helped to shape the early religious makeup and cultural milieu of what would become the republic of the United States of America.

Indiana parents sue school system in beating, bullying of son
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Osama Haddad and his wife, Hind, leave a Merrillville, Ind. news conference Monday about the beating and bullying of their son at Lake Central High School in St. John, Ind. The Haddads are suing the school system.

Aussie bishop calls for withdrawal of ‘offensive’ Islamic billboards
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A Catholic bishop has slammed controversial Islamic billboards for being “provocative and offensive” and he’s calling for them to be removed from prominent locations across Sydney.

Eboo Patel: Newt Gingrich: A Catholic Running Against Islam?
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Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and high-profile conservative intellectual, announced yesterday that he is officially in the running for the Republican nomination for president. Along the way he’s been playing the politics of religion.