Tuesday, March 2, 2021   

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Afghan Republican woman sues for defamation
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By Jason A. Smith

A Republican woman in Henry County is suing to clear her name, accusing some in her own party of branding her a criminal and a terrorist.

Mother Jones: Muslimophobia: Election Roundup
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First, the good news: Many anti-Muslim candidates did not get elected Tuesday. Now the bad news: Alas, several anti-Muslim candidates won—mostly in the South. Oh, and Oklahoma became the first state to ban sharia law, even though only 0.8% of the population is Muslim.

Arab media: Tea Party is anti-Islam
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Meanwhile a leading commentator in London-based pan-Arab daily Al Sharq al Awsat, portrays the Tea Party as a more hostile and intolerant new face of the Republican party, and slams the “cowardly” Democrats for failing to stand up to the movement.

The EDL and the Tea Party joining forces
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The implications of the EDL spreading its ideology into the Tea Party is a dangerous one for Muslim Americans because the EDL is a violent anti-Muslim organization that is well known for its violent and extreme protests in England. Of course, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer love these anti-Muslim hooligans.

David A. Love: Tea Party Diversity Effort Is a Public Relations Scam
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Diversity in the Tea Party? Now, that’s a contradiction in terms. FreedomWorks — a corporate lobbying group behind the Tea Party movement — has announced that it has launched an outreach effort to minority groups including African-Americans, Latinos and Jews