Tuesday, October 20, 2020   

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Colbert Report: Radical Muslim Snacks, Flying Robot Drones & Coked Up Vacuums
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Sharia law creeps into America, flying robots build dorm room shelves, and a woman finds crystal meth hidden in her vacuum cleaner. (05:04)

Colbert Nation: Stephen Colbert talks with Reza Aslan about Mooslims
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Stephen Colbert discovers the difference between being Mooslim, Muslim, Islamic, and Mohammedan.

According to Reza Aslan, Muslims have decided in their secret gatherings to bring down democracy through art. (05:22)

JihadWatch Supports the Banning of Sharia’ in Oklahoma: Whats next? Unicorns?
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Election season 2010 provided many interesting and quite scary insights into the relationship between American and Islam. On the good side of things Keith Ellison won re-election by a tremendous 44 point margin.

Garry Wills Discusses “Muslims” on the Colbert Report:
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Stephen Colbert had historian Garry Willis on his program discussing the issues of the day. He was asked what is the issue that will divide us today? Willis replied, “Muslims.” (hat tip: Just a Fan)

The Rally to Restore Sanity: No Need to Fear Muslims
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Candidates for anti-Loons of the Year, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held their combined Rallies to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive on the Washington Mall, Saturday October, 30th. The event was held to promote a dialogue of reasonableness and restore rationality to the divided discourse that exists in America.

Tip/Wag – Peabody Public Schools, Andy Rooney & Ground Zero Mosque Design
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A school district sells ad space on permission slips, Andy Rooney plans to lose 20 pounds, and Philip Kennicott reviews the Ground Zero mosque design. (06:00)

Stephen Colbert Warns of Muslim Vampires
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He talks about another instance of Islamophobiapalooza. This time dealing with a rural Muslim community being told by scared residents to dig up the bodies in their cemetery because you know the only thing scarier than a live Muslim is a dead one.