Thursday, August 6, 2020   

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Colorado Faith Leaders Combat Anti-Muslim Ads With ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Campaign
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Standing in Denver’s main mosque on Christmas Eve, Christian, Muslim and Jewish community leaders launched an ad campaign promoting understanding and tolerance between the religious groups.

Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer discover “fireworks jihad”
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Some individuals like Pamela Geller are so anxious to find anything at all that is negative about Islam or Muslims that they are willing to pass on any unsubstantiated rumor from anywhere as “proof” that Muslims are evil. Geller’s professed “love” for Muslims is expressed as pathological hatred.

Colorado Muslims Mourn Batman Victims
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AURORA – The Muslim community in Colorado joined thousands of fellow Americans on Monday, July 23, in mourning the victims of a shooting spree at a crowded midnight movie. “We are part of this community,” Dr. Ashraf Azeem, a local pediatrician, told Reuters.

Murphy: Colorado Muslims wonder if theater shooter might have been noticed
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AURORA — In 2009, Najibullah Zazi sent three e-mails from his Aurora apartment to a suspected terrorist in Pakistan asking about the ingredients necessary to bake something for an upcoming marriage.

GOP Colorado State Senator On Banning Mosques: They’re Not ‘Places Of Worship’
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by Ali Gharib (ThinkProgress)

Last weekend, the Dutch Islamphobic politician Geert Wilders spoke to a conservative conference hosted by a Christian university in Colorado.

Anti-Shariah conference at Madison church spurs vigil
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A Colorado-based ministries group is planning to hold a vigil outside Cornerstone Church in Madison during morning services today in Sharia law conference response to the Constitution or Sharia conference held there Friday.

Racist Billboard of Obama in Colorado
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Someone in Colorado thought it would be a good idea to put a billboard of Obama as a Suicide bomber, pimp, Mexican bandito, and a gay person. If you ever wondered what was wrong with Republicans, watch this video and you might discover something…