Sunday, February 28, 2021   

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Is it True That Muslims Are Killing 100,000 Christians Every Year?
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The discrimination and in some cases persecution of any religious group is no doubt an affront to Islam but many Christian websites and Islamophobic groups are guilty of ratcheting up hostility and fears of Islam and Muslims with dubious stats that not only don’t tell the whole story but skew reality.

Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook
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It looks like the myth that Geller was pushing some months ago about Muslim hordes incinerating Nigerian Christians is resurfacing once again, this time on Facebook.

Fake picture claiming to show Nigerian Christians Burned by Muslims re-emerges and goes viral on Facebook.

Honor Killings: The Epidemic that Isn’t
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True human rights activists don’t discriminate among murder victims. All major human rights organizations address honor killings in context, and they do not promote these crimes as a way to spread fear and hatred toward Islam.

Pamela Geller Watch: Ties Gas Tanker Explosion in Congo to Electoral Violence in Nigeria
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Professional hate blogger Pamela Geller is going to be exposed once again in the following article. She is going to be exposed pretty brutally.