Tuesday, January 26, 2021   

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Fox News Stokes Islamophobia with Misleading Story
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Christians face discrimination in many places in the Muslim world, including in Egypt, however it certainly doesn’t help when Fox News, a bastion of Right-Wing fundamentalism (of both the political and religious variety) pushes misleading stories.

Christmas 2012: The Flowering of Middle Eastern Christianity and the Challenges it Faces
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There are more Middle Eastern Christians than ever before, and they are poised between emergence as a new political force in a democratizing region and the dangers to them of fundamentalism and political repression.

Inside the strange Hollywood scam that spread chaos across the Middle East
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by Max Blumenthal (The Guardian)

Did an inflammatory anti-Muslim film trailer that appeared spontaneously on YouTube prompt the attack that left four US diplomats dead, including US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens?

Frontpage Muslim-bashing Authority Can’t Do a Two Second Google Search
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Behold the erroneous misinformation factory at Front Page Mag, the online place where Islamophobes go to find spurious arguments that make them feel better about being intolerant of Muslims.