Friday, February 26, 2021   

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Swedish Defence League leader jailed
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The anti-fascist publication Expo has reported that Kamil Ryba, head of the EDL’s sister organisation the Swedish Defence League, has been sentenced to six months in prison for threatening the staff at GT, the Göteborg edition of the Swedish daily Expressen.

Legoland Cancels “Muslim Family Fun Day” After Threats From Violent Anti-Muslim Groups
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The hysteria over “Muslim Family Fun Day” in the UK (h/t: Farhan) sounds very familiar, as a similar anxiety and hysteria was witnessed here in the USA last year when some Muslim groups organized a Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Great America…

Sikhs Against Sharia (SAS) – Sareeta Webra & Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
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Sikhs Against Sharia (SAS) are somewhat of an anomaly. They are an informal organisation that largely exists on Facebook, where most members are white nationalists and non-Sikh.

Kevin Carroll backs leader of violent racist campaign against Rohingya Muslims
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With “Tommy” now safely locked up, beginning an 18-month prison sentence for his part in a £162,000 mortgage fraud, it is perhaps time to turn our attention to Carroll – who, just like Lennon, was presented by Quilliam as a man that had renounced his far-right, anti-Muslim past.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed for 18 months for fraud
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The English Defence League’s founder and former leader, Tommy Robinson, has been convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison for mortgage fraud, reports the BBC.

EDL supporter Darren Clifft jailed over Ku Klux Klan video
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by Bob Pitt

A racist who admitted posting a video online showing someone in a Ku Klux Klan costume hanging a life-size golliwog doll was this afternoon jailed for one year.

EXPOSED: Quilliam leadership directly involved with neocon Douglas Murray’s Henry Jackson Society
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By Jai Singh


English Defence League members jailed over mosque attack
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Two men who set fire to a Gloucester mosque were former members of the EDL, a court heard. Clive Michael Ceronne, 37, from Gloucester, and Ashley Henry Juggins, 21, from Cheltenham, had both been on the controversial group’s marches prior to starting the blaze at the Masjid-E-Noor in the city’s Ryecroft Street.

EDL ex-leader finally admits real reasons for involvement with Quilliam
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It is worth noting that Yaxley-Lennon himself is already on record as giving an interview to the Norwegian media in which he publicly praised Anders Breivik, promoted Breivik’s manifesto, and claimed Breivik’s mass-murdering terrorist attack would have been “easier to justify” if the people killed had been Muslims.