Thursday, October 29, 2020   

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America Is the Land of the Free – Unless You’re Muslim
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To most Americans, Thursday was perfectly mundane. The Olympics were drawing to a close, people were still discussing House of Cards, and things were gearing up for the weekend. All of those were things I should have been mulling over, but none of them were.

5-year Anniversary: The Most Successful Christian-Muslim interfaith initiative
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Five years ago, A Common Word between Us and You began as an interfaith initiative to strengthen ties between Muslims and Christians. Since that time, more than a hundred scholars and faith leaders have signed the initial letter.

Edward Snowden: Ex-CIA Worker and NSA Whistleblower’s Other Revelation
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Mr. Snowden, a native of North Carolina, told The Guardian that he signed up in 2003 for an Army Special Forces training program because he wanted to fight in Iraq. “I felt like I had an obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression,” he said.