Friday, February 26, 2021   

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Eboo Patel: From 9/11 to Jan. 25: America’s Changing View of Islam
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A few years ago I did a cable television interview on the youth bulge in majority-Muslim countries. It’s a huge group, I told the anchor, and they have the potential to make a really positive contribution to the world.

Rachel Newcomb: ‘Blame the Muslims’: Violence Against Women in Egypt
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As soon as CBS announced yesterday that correspondent Lara Logan had been sexually assaulted while covering the Egyptian protests, the media sprang alive in search of a scapegoat.

Richard T. Hughes: Why Americans Must Ignore the Islamophobes Who Misread the Egyptian Revolution
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One can only hope that the shrill, ideological voices that distort the meaning of the Egyptian revolution will not prevail, for these are the voices that could lead to catastrophe.

Haroon Moghul: 4 Reasons Why Egypt’s Revolution Is Not Islamic
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Just as in the case of Tunisia, we’ve been caught off guard by the rapid pace of events in Egypt. Commentators are having a difficult time understanding the dynamics of the Arab world and especially the role of religion in this latest apparent revolution.