Wednesday, January 27, 2021   

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Tarja Cronberg: Islamophobia Had Been Fueled by the Response of the West to 9/11
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Hatef Mokhtar of The Oslo Times had a very interesting interview on a wide range of subjects with Tarja Cronberg, a member of the European Parliament, the whole interview is well worth the read if you are interested in European issues that effect the whole world.

Gates of Vienna Hateblogger Ned May Speaks at European Parliament, Whines About LGF
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Ned May from the anti-Muslim blog Gates of Vienna spoke to a “counter-jihad” conference at the European Parliament a few days ago, desperately spinning the outright bigotry and hate speech in which he traffics in an attempt to distance himself from Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Leaders of 14 unions back November demo against racism and Islamophobia
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The general secretaries of the GMB general union and the UCU lecturers’ union have both signed up to support the national demo against racism, fascism and Islamophobia on Saturday 6 November.