Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Pat Robertson Says the Christian Thing to do is, “Destroy Your Friend’s Buddha Statue”
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Everyone knows the Taliban are just the Afghan version of the Pat Robertson’s of the world, right? Pat Robertson was asked on air by a concerned Christian named “Jenny” about a moral quandary she had relating to her roommate’s “Buddha statue.”

“Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child”: The Bible’s Justification for Corporal Punishment of Children Leads to Murder
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The Canadian case in which Mohammed Shafia killed three of his daughters and his first wife are being sensationalized in the Islamophobesphere as a clear cut instance proving Islam sanctions “Honor Killing.”

Threat to America’s Freedom? It’s Not Islamic Law
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Imagine, for a minute, that Muslims in America were openly advocating at meetings and conferences to take control of major sectors of public life, such as the government, media, and the law.

Murfreesboro: Attorney Vows to Maintain Fight against Mosque
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Chancellor Robert Corlew Jr. concluded after several days of testimony spread over three months this fall that “Islam is in fact a religion” and found no grounds to issue a temporary restraining order to halt the mosque’s construction.

Bradlee Dean: Keith Ellison Pushing Sharia Law through Homosexual Agenda
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Say what? First it was the Quran swearing controversy, then Ellison was accused of being more dangerous than AlQaeda and now…this. And can you believe it, Michelle Bachman and other politicians are fundraising for these guys.

Fischer: God Honors Those Who Inflict “Massive Casualties” Because “Christianity is Not a Religion of Pacifism”
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Fischer says inflicting “massive casualites” is Christian. He cites massacres in the Old Testament as his proof.

Pat Robertson’s Organizations Persist in Calls for Probe of Congressional Muslim Staffers
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As I’ve reported here and here, after Fox News ran a report claiming that speakers with terrorist ties spoke at Congressional prayer meetings, the ACLJ called for a Justice Department investigation of the CMSA.

Jews on First: Special Report from the CUFI Conference
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Christians United for Israel’s (CUFI) fifth annual Washington Summit, held this past July 20-22, 2010, highlighted once again the persistence and institutionalization of CUFI as the American Christian Zionist organization. As with its previous Summits, it was repeatedly emphasized that t

Is France’s Islamophobia State-Sanctioned?
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For most of the 105 years it’s been in force, France’s secularity law has endeavored to segregate private religious belief from the strictly agnostic sphere of public life — usually without too much friction.