Friday, April 23, 2021   

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‘No Trojan Horse extremism links’ Birmingham teachers hear
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By Phil Mackie BBC News

But they have found “significant grievances” about governance and leadership, some on a large scale.Officials were secretly recorded at a meeting with governors and teachers on Wednesday and a copy sent to the BBC.

Special Report: Myanmar gives official blessing to anti-Muslim monks
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Now Reuters has filed a special report detailing the “official blessing” bestowed on anti-Muslim monks by state authorities. It is a must read and I am afraid that the tide of religious chauvinism and hatred is not far from reaching a crescendo that will witness a horrific genocide.

Film challenges extremism by and against British Muslims
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Khazir previously worked in PR and internet search engine optimisation when he noticed how videos of jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan received large numbers of hits. He said: “Young people especially are often recruited and indoctrinated using videos posted on different social media channels – this can be by simply following a Twitter link.”

Mali, France and Timbuktu’s Treasures
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Timbuktu, Mali is one of the historic and majestic cities of Islamic and Muslim cultural heritage, indeed world heritage. For years it bloomed as a center of learning in the disciplines of mathematics, astronomy, physics, philosophy, gnosticism and theology.

Newsweek Publishes Islamophobic ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover In Response To Embassy Attacks
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Anti-Islam rhetoric in the United States has heated up this week in the wake of the violent protests in the Middle East. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough joined in the backlash this morning, saying the entire Muslim world hates the United States “because of their religion.”

British far-right extremists voice support for Anders Breivik
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by Mark Townsend (The Guardian)
A number of rightwing British activists have publicly praised mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik – one describing him as a “role model” – since the Norwegian extremist was sentenced.

DHS Crushed This Analyst for Warning About Far-Right Terror
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Daryl Johnson had a sinking feeling when he started seeing TV reports on Sunday about a shooting in a Wisconsin temple. “I told my wife, ‘This is likely a hate crime perpetrated by a white supremacist who may have had military experience,’” Johnson recalls.

Reyhana Patel: Can You Be a Muslim and Politically Active Without Being Called an Extremist?
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Last week, prominent Muslim commentator Mehdi Hasan argued that fear-mongering and negative stereotyping of Muslims in public life has spun out of control.

Austrian President: We are very proud to have recognized Islam for 100 years
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“Islam was officially recognized by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1912, shortly after Bosnia and Herzegovina had been incorporated into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Austria is very proud of its early recognition of its Muslim citizens,” President of Austria Heinz Fischer has said.

Brian Levin, J.D.: Jews Must Repudiate All Hatred, Especially From One of Their Own
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Free speech rightfully protects even conspiratorial haters to exploit fears from stereotypes, and animus from half truths. It also requires that people of good will completely repudiate such contemptible manifestations of Islamophobia in the strongest terms possible.