Sunday, February 28, 2021   

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Pamela Geller’s obsession: Countering tolerance
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As the nation mourns the senseless violence in Connecticut and politicians in Washington bicker endlessly over the “fiscal cliff,” the#MyJihad public education campaign should have presented an unambiguous bit of good news to a country in sore need of it.

Radical Extremist Christian Politician Allen West on Egypt: “Radical Islamic Nightmare”
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When a radical, extremist Christian politician such as Rep. Allen West discusses any matters related to Islam we can’t help but laugh because West stands convicted, first and foremost of those allegations with which he would like to tar Islam and Muslims.

Has the government banned another ‘extremist preacher’?
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Writing on his Telegraph blog Andrew Gilligan reports, under the headline “Labour-linked extremist ‘banned from UK'”, that Qazi Hussain Ahmad the former president of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan has had his visa revoked.

Islamophobia, Talibaniation and lessons learnt from the US mosque debate
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Is American Islamophobic? The question is perhaps more pertinent than ever in the wake of the Ground Zero / Quran-burning mosque debate.

Robert Spencer: Wanna-be Conquistador
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Spencer is the progenitor of the hate site Jihadwatch which is host to some of the most vile anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hysteria on the internet. Spencer himself claims that he is just objectively working to expose the fact that Islam is “extremist,” “violently expansionist,” and sometimes not even a religion at all but a “political ideology.”