Monday, January 20, 2020   

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Former lawyer for Rifqa Bary could face sanctions
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The former lawyer for an Ohio teenager who ran away to Florida after converting to Christianity could face sanctions from the Florida Supreme Court.

Now, his response to hearing that news is angering his former legal adversary.

Pamela Geller is Getting Sued for $10 Million Dollars for Defamation
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Omar Tarazi, the attorney for the parents of Rifqa Bary is suing Rifqa’s former attorney and Pamela Geller for defamation. Yes, Pamela you regularly defame Muslims and claim they are terrorists or terrorist supporters/sympathizers.

Fathima Rifqa Bary Update: No Abuse Found
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We have been keeping track of the Fathima Rifqa Bary case which the anti-Muslim blogsphere has invested a lot in; attempting to further their agenda of demonizing Islam and Muslims. The fact that they don’t care much about this young girl or her family is obvious, they just want to score points in their tireless crusade against Muslims.

Fathima Rifqa Bary Update: Mike Thomas on the Noor Mosque
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Recently, conservative attorney John Stemberger who volunteered to represent Rifqa is now claiming that the real danger to the girl comes from the Mosque that her father attends.

Fairfield County Weekly: Fathima Rifqa Bary Case Doesn’t Add Up
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The girl who ran away from her house in Ohio and joined a Christian pastor’s family in Florida and is now being held in foster care until a judge can ascertain whether or not she should be returned home. She has made serious allegations against her family that they will kill her if she is returned to them.