Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Myanmar Muslims live in constant fear
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Are we witnessing a slow genocide?

Will the genocide be accelerated if powerful nationalist groups get elected? The humanitarian crisis continues in Myanmar.

Islamophobia and the Fear of ‘The Other’ in Myanmar
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Chiang Mai, Thailand – The mob that set upon and killed a group of Muslims riding a bus through western Myanmar on June 3 displayed a depravity normally the hallmark of the country’s military.

Cheryl Baisden: Fear Propels Religious Attacks
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by Cheryl Baisden (njsbf.org)

A guarantee of religious freedom was what compelled the Pilgrims to risk their lives to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settle along the inhospitable Massachusetts coast in 1620.

Claiming Chris Christie Has An ‘Islam Problem,’ Pipes And Emerson Demonstrate NRO’s Islamophobia Problem
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Pipes and Emerson knock Christie for his concern over revelations of the New York City Police Department’s spying on New Jersey Muslims.

Anti-Muslim Hate Comes to Hillsborough County School Board Meeting
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In November 2011, a Tampa, Fla., high school invited a Muslim lecturer, Hassan Shibly to speak about Islamic history and tradition to college level advanced placement students.

After ThinkProgress Report, NYT Bureau Chief Cancels Appearance With Islamophobic Organization
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Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Bronner had second thoughts about his participation in the Islamophobic group’s event at the 92nd Street Y.

Frank Gaffney Links The Center For American Progress To The Muslim Brotherhood
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Gaffney and McCarthy, who both are mentioned in CAP’s report as part of the influential “Islamophobia network,” make a series of unfounded allegations against CAP and the report.

Washington Monthly: How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam
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On a bright January morning in 2010, at Broward College in Davie, Florida, about sixty police officers and other frontline law enforcement officials gathered in a lecture hall for a course on combating terrorism in the Sunshine State.

Richard T. Hughes: Why Americans Must Ignore the Islamophobes Who Misread the Egyptian Revolution
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One can only hope that the shrill, ideological voices that distort the meaning of the Egyptian revolution will not prevail, for these are the voices that could lead to catastrophe.

Reza Aslan Serves Robert Spencer Overdose of Truth
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Opposing the mosque and supporting the idea that America should fear Islam was anti-Muslim bigot Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure Americaand Rev. Franklin Graham. Other special guests included: Reza Aslan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Gary Bauer, Brad Garret, Anjem Choudary and Imam Ossama Bahloul.