Tuesday, January 19, 2021   

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TAM: The Islamophobes Latest Fantasy Rape Fatwa
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Are there some extremist Muslim scholars, and some who have issued fatwas that require a response from mainstream Muslim scholars. Absolutely! Are mainstream Muslim scholars attempting to counter these extremists with clarifying fatwas and statements? Absolutely!

Anti-Islam writer “infiltrates” Muslim conference, finds it “innocuous”
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FrontPage Magazine is edited by David Horowitz, a conservative activist who once gave money to Islamophobic Dutch politician Geert Wilders. But Mark Tapson says that it’s all part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plot to win “the hearts and minds of the young.

Islamophobes Jump the Gun on Ginned up “Jihad” Against Catholic University
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Last month, George Washington University Law Professor John Banzhaf took it upon himself to file a frivolous legal complaint, supposedly on behalf of Muslim students, against The Catholic University of America.

Mass Honor Killing Delights Loons
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(Via LoonWatch)

The Shafia murder trial currently underway in Ontario, Canada is a public relations bonanza for anti-Muslim bigots who have made so-called “Islamic honor killings” a major theme in their campaign to vilify Muslims.

Frontpage Muslim-bashing Authority Can’t Do a Two Second Google Search
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Behold the erroneous misinformation factory at Front Page Mag, the online place where Islamophobes go to find spurious arguments that make them feel better about being intolerant of Muslims.