Saturday, March 6, 2021   

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Community Spirit
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As a proud U.S. citizen who spends a great deal of time working abroad, I try to pay special attention to what issues my fellow citizens focus on while I am away. I have been working for some time now in Ghana, Togo and Sierra Leone, and have ongoing humanitarian projects in Haiti, Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Gaza.

Robert Spencer: Self-declared Scholar v. Real Scholar on the Fatimah Rifqa Bary Case
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The Right-Wing anti-Muslim loonocracy and its minions in the blogosphere have secured a new cause to rally around, ironically enough it once again involves a Muslim minor, and in this regard, the anti-Muslim blogosphere really doesn’t have a good track record.

Anti-Muslim Blogoshpere Runs Amuck: Forced to Eat Crow
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The Loon world was whipped into a frenzy based on, as usual, the reinforcing winds of ignorance and hate. In what was meant to be an unremarkable story, Tim Marshall a reporter for Sky News blogged on a mass wedding celebration in the Gaza Strip officiated by Hamas.