Thursday, January 21, 2021   

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Fazeela Siddiqui: 10 Muslim Women Every Person Should Know
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Contrary to popular belief, Muslim women have served as revolutionary and heroic leaders. However, in recent years, due to the global socio-political climate, the phrase “Muslim woman” might conjure an image of a demure un-empowered woman sheltered by her burqa.

Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi: Muslim Women Take Back the Mic on International Women’s Day
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As Muslim women born and raised in America, we are tired of hearing everyone — politicians, pundits, men and women of other faiths (or those not adhering to any faith) — talk about Muslim women without ever stopping to listen to what we have to say about our lives.

Daisy Khan and Fazeela Siddiqui: Training Afghani Imams to End Violence Against Women
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On Nov. 17, 1999, the world witnessed a horrific image: An Afghani woman named Zarmina was dragged through a soccer stadium and killed by the Taliban. As a Muslim woman, the outrage that I felt was indescribable.

Sahar Aziz: The Importance of Muslim Women in Counter-terrorism
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In December 2011, Janet Napolitano testified that lone wolf terrorists are America’s primary domestic national security threat. Based on recent terrorism indictments, Napolitano was clearly referring to young Muslim men in America with unpopular political viewpoints and orthodox religious beliefs.

Engy Abdelkader: A Few Good Muslim Men — Honoring Those Who Honor Women
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If I may humbly suggest, perhaps this year Hollywood can make the following addition to its collective list of new year resolution: more positive portrayals of the American Muslim community.