Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Todd Green, Ph.D.: Anti-Mosque Sentiment in America: Lessons from Europe?
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That’s because this is a story that has been playing out in Europe for some time, with results ranging from restrictions on religious liberty to a worsening of tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. America cannot afford to go down the same path.

Nicole Neroulias: Tim Brown Interview: Not All Ground Zero Mosques Are Created Equal(ly Objectionable)
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Everything in, above and around Ground Zero is personal for Tim Brown, a retired New York City firefighter who used to work at the World Trade Center and lost dozens of friends on Sept. 11, 2001.

Brad Hirschfield: Why Newt Gingrich Is Wrong on Ground Zero Mosque
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I refer to it as an Islamic building because the ongoing fight about whether it is a mosque or a cultural center is irrelevant. Typically, if you are in favor of the building’s construction, you refer to it as the latter and if opposed to it, as the former.