Monday, August 19, 2019   

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Theresa McCune: You Can’t Handle The Truth
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I enjoy meeting new people and am always open to conversation. I have even made some good friends this way. However, if you aren’t prepared to hear the answers, then please hold your questions until after you’ve read at least some of the Quran and/or Hadith in your language.

Laith Saud: Addressing the “Muslim Problem”
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So let’s talk about the supposed “Muslim Problem.” This week Bill O’Reilly has been on a crusade to warn the American public that there is a “Muslim Problem” and that political correctness is stifling any discussion of it−the firing of Juan Williams being an example of such correctness.

Laith Saud: Is the “War on Terror” a war or an Ideology?
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As Americans we do not like ideologies, they are rigid and uncompromising; we have historically preferred practical solutions to political problems than pre-formulated ideological ones.

Theresa McCune: Life As a White Muslim
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It is a strange thing to stand between two worlds, with a foot in each, wanting to be in both, and yet not being able to split yourself completely between them.  I find myself again and again at odds with my surroundings, and yet I am at home.

OIC Calls for a Collective Initiative to Combat Islamophobia and Terror
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The phenomenon of Islamophobia has marked the beginning of the twenty first century, and has shown how vulnerable basic misunderstanding and deeply-rooted bigotry against minority groups can resurface to pit one part of humanity against the other, thus creating cultural fault-lines on a global scale.

Message to Texas: More, not Less Education
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The resolution claims that certain textbooks have a clear agenda in promoting Islam, using as an example one textbook in which 120 lines are devoted to Christian beliefs, practices and holy writings, while 248 are about Islam.