Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Bagram detainee haunted by ‘mental torture’
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Accused with a friend of transporting bombs in 2005, he has maintained his innocence —and an official record shows his captors suspected the same.

Barack Obama urged to halt Ramadan force-feeding at Guantanamo Bay
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Lawyers for four inmates have also filed petitions with the US government to stop this procedure during the religious festival. Islamic community leaders are asking Barack Obama to stop the practice of force-feeding Muslim detainees at Guantanamo Bay who are on hunger strike during Ramadan.

The Tragic Tale of Guantanamo Detainee #684
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By Lauren Carasik (AlJazeera English)

Yet Mohammed Abdullah Taha Mattan has been caught up in a vortex of politics beyond his control. June 19 marks the somber 11th anniversary of Mattan’s detention in the inhumane confines of Guantanamo Bay.

Obama: Gitmo A ‘No Man’s Land,’ Situation Is ‘Going To Get Worse’
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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he still wants to close the military prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and that he’s renewing efforts to work with Congress to shut it down.

“Indisputable” that U.S. practiced torture after 9/11
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A lengthy independent review found that the country’s highest officials and president condoned torture

Jimmy Carter: A Cruel and Unusual Record
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Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended.

Wilfredo Amr Ruiz: ‘We Are Not at War With Islam’
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Former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama have persistently affirmed: “We are not at war with Islam,” trying to assure 1.7 billion Muslims that the military actions of the so-called “war against terrorism” do not constitute belligerence against Islam or Muslims.

On the Outlandish Claim That “There is No Islamophobia”
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The FBI released hate crime statistics for the year of 2010, which showed that anti-Semitic crimes topped the list of religiously motivated hate crimes. Islamophobes have latched on to this fact to claim that “there is no Islamophobia.”

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Lockup Everyone
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(Via ComedyCentral)

The last thing Barack Obama did in 2011 was sign a bill that eliminates due process for anyone suspected of terrorism in America.

American Justice: Abu Ghraib Ringleader Released From Jail After Serving Lindsay Lohan Style Sentence
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Another example of our wonderful justice system at work: here we have the supposed ringleader of the infamous Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, released from jail after serving a measly six and a half years.