Monday, October 26, 2020   

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US Colonel Donald Macgregor: “We bombed Iraq on a scale of the second World War, off and on for ten years”
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The United States has still not confronted the imperialist mass murder and mayhem she caused and inflicted on the once prosperous nation of Iraq.

Laith Saud: Addressing the “Muslim Problem”
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So let’s talk about the supposed “Muslim Problem.” This week Bill O’Reilly has been on a crusade to warn the American public that there is a “Muslim Problem” and that political correctness is stifling any discussion of it−the firing of Juan Williams being an example of such correctness.

New York: Muslim leaders reject Islamophobia, stand by Park51 project
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That’s the recommendation of a specially convened summit of local and national Muslim leaders, who expressed concern Monday over a wave of anti-Muslim bigotry that’s been unleashed by the planned construction of the Park51 mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero.