Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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National newspaper is prejudiced and skewing halal debate, says MP
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MP Yasmin Qureshi has accused national newspapers of prejudice in the debate over the ethics of halal and kosher meat. The MP for Bolton South East spoke in parliament over the practice of slaughtering meat in line with Islamic law.

Ben White: Let’s Be Honest About Britain’s Islamophobia
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It’s happening again. It never really goes away, but, for different reasons, it tends to come in periodic bursts.

What am I talking about? Britain’s latest frenzy of Islamophobic incitement.

The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fiction
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The Niqab, by Nesrine Malik, TheGuardian

Halal meat is on every menu; sharia law is taking over; the niqab is undermining the nation. Ever noticed how often the same old stories keep appearing about Muslims in Britain? Here’s the truth about these and other media myths

Halal in Havana: Turkey May Be Building Cuba’s First Mosque
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For years, Cuba’s Muslims—estimated at just a few thousand—have been a bit, well, unorthodox. Most have favored a flexible version of Islam that’s adjusted to years of living in the pork-loving Communist state. Religious practices like avoiding booze, fasting on Ramadan and getting circumcised are often considered optional for Muslims on the island.

Denmark: OK to Rape Animals But Not OK to Have Halal and Kosher Meat
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Sheep shagging and other assorted bestiality is legal in Denmark, a country that has recently been marred by controversy over its ban on Halal and Kosher meat slaughter, which is considered “inhumane” by opponents.

Arson attack on Gdansk Mosque follows halal slaughter Row
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The Muslim community in Poland decided to refrain from the Eid Al-Adha tradition this year due to a new law that Muslim and Jewish groups are describing as a violation of their Constitutional rights.

Muslamic Ray Gun Meet “Islam as a Country” Stephanie Banister
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Stephanie Banister, a 27-year-old mother of two, is facing criminal charges after allegedly placing anti-Muslim stickers, like “Halal food funds terrorism”, on Nestle products in a supermarket. Never mind that though. Ms Banister has bigger problems.

One Nation Candidate ‘Behind Anti-Muslim Campaign’
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Paula Doneman, Yahoo!7

FIRST ON 7: An alleged food contamination scare involving one of Australia’s favourite foods has exposed a One Nation candidate’s anti-Muslim campaign.

John Oliver: Halal in the Family–Iran & Egypt
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Anti-Muslim fanatics are going to be in a fit over this interview with the OIC leader Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, as they view the OIC to be evil incarnate. A very funny interview nonetheless by John Oliver of the Daily Show as they talk about differences in culture and perception between the “Muslim world” and the “West.”

Sri Lanka: “We are Sinhalese” Group Protests Muslims and Halal Meat, Burn Effigy of “Allah”
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Sri Lanka has over the past few years seen a resurgence in Sinhalese and Buddhist chauvinism particularly targeting the Muslim populace of the island nation.