Saturday, December 5, 2020   

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Local Russian Hijab Ban Puts Muslims in a Squeeze
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When local school officials in the sparsely populated far east of the Stavropol region announced that girls in hijabs, the Islamic head covering, would no longer be allowed in government schools, the Salikhovs had to make changes.

Outrage in Russia over hijab school ban
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The hijab ban won flaks from Russian scholars for violating the right of Muslim students to practice religion. Moscow – Several Muslim families pulled their daughters out of schools in Russia’s south after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear their hijabs, a top Muslim said on Monday.

Iran to file complaint over FIFA hijab ban
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“We have already held talks with the president of the International Federation of Association Football about the participation of Iranian women in matches with full Islamic hijab,” said head of the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) Ali Kaffashian.