Friday, April 25, 2014   

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Airport security tried to yank off Swedish Muslim’s hijab
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A Swedish woman wearing a Muslim headscarf claims security staff at a small northern airport tugged on her hijab in public rather than take up her offer to take it off away from prying eyes.


Muslim women’s attire under attack in Sri Lanka
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Hate groups in Sri Lanka have made the attire of Muslim women a key target in their onslaught against Muslims. They have used security and the need for uniformity as reasons to attack Muslim female attire such as the hijab, the punjabi attire and the niqab.

Florida girl attacked after wearing hijab to school
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A Florida girl said she has been verbally and physically assaulted because she wears a hijab, or head scarf, to school. Zahrah Habibulla, 14, said she didn’t have problems at school with other children until she started wearing her hijab on Dec. 14. The Polk County teen said she wears the hijab for religious reasons.

Hijab wearer: ‘I am not oppressed and I am not stupid’
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MONTREAL — As a young Muslim woman, Nadia Naqvi wears a traditional head scarf every day. “I made the decision to put this on after the Christmas break when I turned 15,” Naqvi said. “I’m 32 now and I have been wearing a hijab more than half of my life.”

Some Jewish Reasons Why Inviting Pamela Geller To Speak Is Not Kosher
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Loonwatchers are encouraged to send copies of or links to this letter, or to compose a polite but informative message of their own, when they hear of Geller planning to speak at a synagogue or Jewish organization.

Edmonton police approve hijab headscarf design for female officers
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By Stephanie Dubois

Edmonton police have approved a design for a hijab headscarf for female officers of Muslim faith. The hijab design covers the head and neck, but not the face, according to a press release issued Friday.

Céline Dion: Not Only Can’t She Sing But She Also Is A Bigot
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Dion says she does so because “foreigners” (all Muslims are by default “foreigners“) need to adapt to “our country” (If you’re a Muslim born in Canada you still aren’t Canadian) that has been so “hospitable” to them.

Turkey Lifts 90 Year-old Ban on Hijab for Public Officials
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In a recent reform package that aims at greater democratization in Turkey the headscarf has been legalized for public officials and civil servants. This was a long battle of over 20 years that has seen the extreme secularists lose to the mainstream of Turkish society; hopefully France can become more democratic and follow Turkey’s example.

Quebec Muslims facing more abuse since charter proposal, women’s groups say
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Women’s groups are reporting a spike in verbal and physical assaults against veiled Muslim women in Quebec since the introduction of the province’s Charter of Values, evidence that the Parti Québécois’s bid to curb religious symbols in some workplaces is inflaming social tensions.

Headscarf photo ‘ruins job interview chances’, study of German firms shows
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In a study due to be released in full at the end of the year, economists at the University of Linz in Austria examined whether wearing a headscarf affected women when applying for jobs at German companies.